Marshall Industrial Supply

Gerald Livingston started Marshall Industrial Supply, Inc. on January 1, 1981 after working for other, large industrial supply companies in the related heavy industry field. He founded this company on the premise that a small distributor could better respond to the service needs of industry in general and individual end users in particular. He was always in contact then as well as now, with manufacturers, buyers, and end users, about new industry products and applications. On that notion, we take pride in providing customers with the most up-to-date product and procedural information.

We are focused primarily on the proactive approach to customer service and have made ourselves available to specialized customers around the clock as well as being involved in both large and small-scale production projects and industrial applications. Lately, we have been instrumental in the supply and installation of various types of specialty in-plant pneumatic, hydraulic projects and employee safety products at customer locations associated with industry. This focus on hands-on application and service orientation with our customers allowed us to increased the number and type of items that we could competitively supply the customer, and led us to begin to supply items that branched off into the direction of plant safety, specialty chemicals, and janitorial supplies.

Having worked our way up from a one person operation in a small office, into the modern warehouse and repair facility that we are today, providing employment to around 20 people, we truly understand the meaning of follow-up with our customers. We have technical training in a variety of industrial applications and have successfully completed instructional courses from all of the major manufacturers whose product we represent. In this way, we feel that we are best able to best suit the desired customer satisfaction, stemming from value created through competitive pricing and superior customer service. This idea continues in production items as well, through tight quality control and adherence to the customer’s desired deadlines, as it pertains to all of our products that are manufactured in-house.

Our mission is to continuously exceed our customers expectations both in price and in service during and after the sale. Please feel free to comment and keep us informed on how well we are accomplishing this endeavor in the